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Jefferson City, MO Fresh 48 Session | Baby Jude


I’ve had so much anticipation for this little guy’s appearance and am so happy to finally share with you the images we captured of him as a 2 day old at his Fresh 48 Session!  Little Jude made his debut into the world as a bit of a surprise to his parents a couple weeks early!  My best friend Cassie, Jude’s momma, was just walking around with contractions for an entire day prior to going to the hospital – no big deal!  She was a trooper through the birth and here we are with the sweetest little “pebble” you’ve ever seen!

Jude is a tiny little guy, a lazy eater, and daddy’s Game of Thrones buddy.  He loves his big brother Otto, a chocolate lab.  He’s already visited grandparents and Target, and yes, I’ve done like 14 photoshoots of his parents and him!  He’s gonna get tired of seeing me around!

I can’t wait to see how my daughter, Emmie, and baby Jude grow up and play together!  I hope they like each other because Cassie and I will basically force them to hang out all the time!

I love you, baby Jude!  Be nice to mommy and daddy!

Click here to see Jude all grown up for his newborn and 6 month sessions!

newborn baby in bassinet for fresh 48 session
newborn baby hat on name on hat sleeping
black and white of baby sleeping in bed
baby wrapped in hospital blanket sleeping
fresh 48 session baby feet in hospital bed
newborn baby ear with blue hat on
black and white of parents holding new baby fresh 48 session
newborn baby laying in dads arms looking at dad blue hat on
mom and dad holding newborn baby in hospital
black and white of dad holding newborn baby fresh 48
newborn baby laying flat focus on nose
mom and dad in hospital with newborn baby fresh 48 session
baby laying on bed crying focus on hair fresh 48 session

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Apr 27, 2019

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