mid-Missouri based portrait and wedding photographer

I'm Amanda, and I photograph happy moments! I'm married to my best friend, Matt, and we have a sassy, smart, and hilarious five year old girl named Emilia. Little Emmie is my life and my best buddy! Recently, two new additions joined the crew!   My twin boys, James and Cameron, light up my life.

I love to tell a story with my images. I strive to capture each intimate moment from your session or wedding day, so that you can look back and feel the love and joy you felt at that moment in time. I want your grandkids or great grandkids to look at your images and be able to hear your laugh in it or see the look, even now, that you give your husband.

What started as a love for taking pictures has turned into a love of meeting new people, capturing their joy, and providing them timeless images that they can enjoy for years to come. Ask my husband, I usually have a smile on my face as I’m editing! Because every client I work with becomes a friend. Many become repeat clients. And I couldn’t do it without you. I thank you for putting your trust in me.

Let the beauty we love be what we do



Floral Patterns & Vintage Finds

Everywhere you look, my home is full of floral patterns.  Whether it be a rug, an antique art print, or an embroidered top, I AM ADDICTED.  Top that with antique store finds, and my home is like stepping into Anthropologie ( at least that's the intention)!

a glimpse into my home


Memories of Youth

Want to make me happy?  Take me back to the days when it was just me and my parents, sitting on the porch swing, listening to tree frogs.  I've always been a homebody, and I still get that urge to just go "home" sometimes.

porch swing, backyard, at dusk


Music has my heart

I grew up playing violin and singing, and I adore singer-songwriters like Jason Mraz, Sara Bareilles, and Johnnyswim.  I'm known to get hyped for a session with Broadway tunes, and was thisclose to Sara Bareilles when I saw the opening night of Waitress on Broadway!

it's no wonder i married a musician


warm Missouri evenings

One of my greatest joys is watching Matt and Emmie play together in the backyard, while the sun pours through the trees and neighbors walk by on their evening strolls.

playing in the backyard 'til dark



i do what i do

I had only done a few sessions with my self taught photography skills when I decided to make my photography an official business.  I knew nothing about running a business, and I had no clients. But I loved capturing memories, I loved photographing people, and I loved editing and creating beautiful images for them. So I took a leap and went for it. From the ground up, I built this little adventure for myself.

Over the past few years, I’ve participated in priceless educational experiences, I’ve gained clients who keep coming back, and I love this “business” even more than I ever thought I would. I underestimated the joy that I would feel meeting new people and creating memories for them. I’m continually humbled and honored that people choose ME to take their photos. I don’t take for granted any inquiry, because I know that it can be a huge investment and, of all the photographers in this big world, you chose to reach out to me. That trust means more to me than I can put into words.

a few Places I've Been

Kansas City

Central Missouri

St Louis

Lone Summit Ranch

The Abbott

Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

The Bardot

The Millbottom

Kempker's Back 40

Capital Bluffs

Les Bourgeois

Heritage Ranch

Sweet Clover Farms

Silver Oaks Chateau

Haue Valley

Little Piney Lodge

Blue Bell Farm

Atrium on 10th

Wasserlauf Valley

Cooper's Ridge

Emerson Fields